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50 Search engine optimization (SEO) Google Search Link List

Con tanta sobreinformación, uno nunca sabe como ordenarlo todo,.... para eso están las listas... cada vez más largas, más completas. Al final haremos listas de lo que una vez pusimos en listas ,...

Esta la he encontrado en ,
y la dejo aquí para que no se me pierda....

Blogs: The world of SEO
is constantly changing because search engines constantly change their algorithms. These sites offer news, information, and tips about SEO.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. Other forms of search engine marketing (SEM) target paid listings.

In general, the earlier (or higher on the page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine.

50 Search engine optimization (SEO) Google Search Links:

Search Engine Land –– The most well respected search engine and SEO news website.
Search Engine Guide –– They focus on SEO for small businesses.
Search Engine Watch –– One of the oldest blogs out there.
SEOmoz –– Blog posts from other SEOs through YOUmoz.
Online Marketing Blog –– They have a great mix of SEO, PR, and social media articles.
Search Engine Roundtable ––They literally try to cover everything in the search space.
SEO Book –– A blog by one of the best SEOs out there.
Matt Cutts –– This is a blog by the head of Google’s Web Spam team.
Search Engine Journal –– One of the oldest SEO news blogs.
Marketing Pilgrim –– A guy who knows how to create and grow a SEO company.
John Battelle’s Search Blog –– John loves to analyze the search space.
Google Blog — This is Google’s main blog and they discuss everything related to Google.
Traffick –– Another good SEO blog… they also have a strong knowledge of PPC.
SEO by the Sea –– Very detailed resourceful blog posts.
Google Blogoscoped –– This blog is also all about Google written by an outside party.
SEO Black Hat –– If you want to learn about the dark side of SEO, this blog should do the trick.
Wolf Howl –– A blog by an SEO who isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Although blogs are going to be your main source of information, they don’t cover everything.
Search Engine Comparison Chart – Not all search engines have their own algorithm.
Marketing Terms – This dictionary will help you understand all of the marketing terms.
Google’s SEO Guidelines – Google’s take on SEO as well as a starter guide.
SEO Beginners Guide – SEOmoz has very detailed guide on SEO for beginners.
SEO Chat – Find weekly SEO videos here.
Search Engine Colossus – There are a lot more search engines than you may know of.
Web Pro News – Find video interviews of SEO experts on this site.
Simplifying SEO – Eric Enge simplifies SEO.
SEO Cheat Sheet – If you are having someone else help you with your SEO.
SEO FAQ – When you first get started you are going to have questions.
SEO Pyramid – Make sure you start off with a strong base and build your way up.

SEO is a very time consuming process. These tools will not only make your life easier, but they’ll help you understand what you need to do and how to rank well on search engines.
SEO ToolSet – Here are the tools that one of the first SEOs created.
SpyFu – If you are interested in learning what search terms your competition is ranked for.
SEOmoz’s Tools – Although these tools cost money, they are worth it.
Wordtracker – You don’t have to wonder how popular keywords and phrases are.
Meta Tag Analyzer – Find out your website’s keyword density.
Google Toolbar – This toolbar will show you what your Google PageRank number is.
Anchor Text Analyzer – Find out what anchor text people are linking to you.
Google Webmaster Tools – Get an inside view of how Google looks at your website.
Digital Point SEO Tools – A collection of 17 tools.
SEO Chat Tools – They have a lot of good tools such as a spider simulator.
SEO for Firefox – If you want to be an SEO, this plugin will make you want to use FF.
AdWords Estimator – Although you aren’t looking to pay for traffic.
DIYSEO – Keep track of your SEO progress
Backlink Checker – See how many people link to your website VS your competition.
Google Datacenter Search – Your website’s rankings will vary on different datacenters.

Sometimes you are going to be unsure of what to do. The best thing to do when this happens is to ask someone for advice. Through forums you can communicate with other SEOs.
High Rankings Forum – A good community with a lot of friendly SEOs.
Webmaster World – One of the oldest and most popular SEO forums out there.
SEO Chat Forum – Another forum that discusses SEO and webmaster related topics.
Digital Point Forum – The most active forum in the SEO world.
Search Engine Watch Forum – Almost 60,000 SEOs discuss search related stuff here.
SEO Black Hat Forum – There is a lot of good information here, but you have to pay for it.

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